Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant pturf3448


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Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant, 38 x 25.4mm. This is a one of a kind (ooak) art piece. I personally hand cut the Kingman turquoise gemstone which features some nice brown matrix, then hand forged the metalwork to create an original design. This stone is cut from an old collection.

Turquoise has a long history as a popular gem material. Turquoise was brought to Europe from Turkey via trade route. Turquoise comes in various shades of blue, green and blue green including sky blue and apple green. Color depends on the ration of copper to iron. Copper contributes to blue color while iron turns the blue to green. Turquoise is often found where copper deposits exist. The turquoise used in this piece comes from the famous mine in Kingman Arizona, which produces some of the world's most highly regarded turquoise.

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