Turritella Fossil and Sterling Silver Ring, size 7-3/4 r775tr5f3498


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Turritella Fossil and Sterling Silver Ring, size 7-3/4. Fossil spiral Turritella shapes this unique cabochon. The petrified fossil remains of the turritella shells are agatized forming beautiful spiral shapes in the stone. This is a one of a kind (ooak) art piece, jewelry that makes a fashion statement. I personally hand cut the gemstone, then hand forged the metalwork to take advantage of the beauty of the stone.

The fossil remains of turritella are the shells or the cast of shells from soft-bodied mollusks. Turritella are a type of sea snail with tall spiral shells. They vary in size from about 1/2 inch to 6 inches long. Turritella are found in seas all around the world. They live in the sediment on the sea floor where they filter fine particles of food from the water.

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