Amethyst Sage Agate and Sterling Silver Pendant, pamsf2342


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Amethyst Sage Agate and Sterling Silver Pendant, 23.37mm x 52.84mm. This is a one of a kind (ooak) piece, jewelry that makes a fashion statement. I personally hand cut the gemstone, then hand forged the metalwork to take advantage of the beauty of the stone. I've hired a model so you can see how the pendant will look on you. Heady Amethyst, my model, promises not to leave any trace of humanity on the jewelry :0)

Amethyst Sage Agate
Location: Northern Nevada
The Bilk Mountain range, in northern Nevada is the home for one of today's finest semiprecious jewelry stones known as "Amethyst Sage". This eye catching translucent lavender chalcedony is riddled with manganese dendritic inclusions that enhance its scenic quality. The rich colors and contrast makes Amethyst Sage a stunning stone for jewelers and craftsmen to design one-of-a-kind pieces.

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