Puddingstone and Sterling Silver Pendant, ppdse3115


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Puddingstone and Sterling Silver Pendant, 39.3mm x 30.4mm. This is a one of a kind (ooak) piece, jewelry that makes a fashion statement. I personally hand cut the gemstone, then hand forged the metalwork to take advantage of the beauty of the stone. I've hired a model so you can see how the pendant will look on you. Puddinhead, my model, promises not to leave any trace of humanity on the jewelry :0)

Puddingstone is also known as plum-pudding stone. It is a conglomerate that consists of distinctly rounded pebbles whose colors contrast sharply with the color of the finer-grained, often sandy, matrix or cement surrounding them. The rounded pebbles and the sharp contrast in color gives this type of conglomerate the appearance of a raisin or Christmas pudding

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